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“When is the earliest I can get my Macbook repaired in LA?”

– Pasadena –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Neil gave us a call a couple of days ago. A law student in Pasadena, he recently cracked his Macbook screen while packing up his belongings after a long study session. Already knowing the high cost of taking a broken LCD screen to Apple, he decided to look online for another alternative. There were many services in the LA area but he was having a difficult time finding one that would come out to him in Pasadena and not take away from his busy schedule. Fortunately, he found us and quickly gave us a ring. We explained that we have an office based out of San Diego but do make it up to LA once or twice a week. Delighted, he schedule an appointment for the next Friday.

We met Neil at the study center he attended during the day and repaired his laptop LCD screen right there in front of him. He mentioned that he was going try it himself but was quite intimidated by all the steps it took. Once we had his screen replaced and back in working order, he was thankful that he didn’t have to do it himself. Happy with our service, Neil said he was looking forward to passing along our Mac repair service to anyone and everyone he knows owns a Mac in Los Angeles.

We are usually in the Los Angeles area once or twice a week depending on the number of appointments we have. Call us today to see when we’re in your area next.

Neil's Macbook before
Neil’s Macbook before

Neil's Macbook after
Neil’s Macbook after

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