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Sunday morning LCD cracked, Sunday evening LCD fixed

– Oceanside –

– San Diego, CA –

Jenny gave us a call earlier today saying that a cell phone was the culprit in this case. She was reluctant to go into too much detail, but she was able to tell us that her laptop’s LCD screen had cracked due to a flying phone. We are a very understanding bunch here at CrackedMacScreen.com and know there are a million different ways to break a computer screen, we told Jenny it’d be no problem to get it fixed for her. She asked when was the earliest possible time we could meet and we told her we had some availability later than evening.

We headed up to her residence in Oceanside and had her 13″ white Macbook screen repaired in no time. She was quite pleased with our convenient and affordable service and was looking forward to telling all of her friends about us. Glad we could help.

Jenny's Macbook before
Jenny’s Macbook before
Jenny's Macbook after
Jenny’s Macbook after

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