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“When is the earliest you can fix my Macbook?”

– Downtown Gaslamp –

– San Diego, CA –

Our response: “Are you available in an hour?” This is the gist of the first few moments of our phone call with JT a couple of days ago. His young daughter was playing around with his computer when she closed a small toy between the key board and the screen. The resulting crack was not pretty and JT was not happy. He called the Apple store to see if the screen was covered under warranty. To his dismay, it was not. His next step involved borrowing his wife’s computer and doing an Internet search for local and affordable options for getting his laptop screen repaired in San Diego. Within minutes he found a convenient and affordable service that was just a phone call away. After speaking with us he was thrilled to learn that not only do we come to him but also we could do it later that evening. We met JT at his home in Downtown San Diego and were able to get his Mac fixed in just under 40 minutes. Be on the look out for those small toys that have a tendency to cause big headaches.

JT's Macbook before
JT’s Macbook before
JT's Macbook after
JT’s Macbook after

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