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In need of a Macbook screen repair in San Diego!

– Point Loma –

– San Diego, CA –

Brian, from Point Loma, gave us a ring a few days back. Apparently, his favorite time of the day turned out to be bad news for his Mac screen. During a short cat nap he must have knocked his laptop off his bed and onto the floor. When he opened it up, sure enough it had an ugly crack running across the screen. He was not a happy camper and was not interested in paying a fortune to get his Macbook repaired.

Luckily he remembered seeing one of our fliers on the Mira Mesa College campus. Unfortunately, though, he forgot our name so he turned to the trusty Internet. After a few searches for computer repairs in San Diego and Macbook screen fix, he finally stumbled upon CrackedMacScreen and picked up the phone. A short phone call later he arranged a time with us to meet with him at his house in Point Loma. We repaired his Mac computer screen in less than 30 minutes! Be careful napping, Brian.

Brian's Macbook before
Brian’s Macbook before
Brian's Macbook after
Brian’s Macbook after

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