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“I heard you guys had incredible reviews!”…

– Philadelphia, PA –
– Via Garden City, NY –

Chiara called us up a few days ago, desperate to get her white Macbook’s screen replaced. She lives near Long Island, but was unable to get into New York City. She wanted to go for the Ship-In Program, and she loved the $299 price.

We overnighted her a laptop box on Wednesday and she received it Thursday at 10:30am. She put her white Macbook inside, signed the CrackedMacScreen.com Work Order, included a check for $299, and dropped off the box at FedEx with the included overnight label. We received her Macbook on Friday and replaced her screen within an hour. We overnighted her back her Macbook and she got it Saturday morning at 11am. All in all, she was without her Macbook for two days total, and she saved about $400 versus using the store near her house.

We also replaced her keyboard free of charge because we were feeling great from the awesome warm weather! This is what Chiara had to say about us on our Facebook fan page:

“Hey you guys are absolutely incredible, thanks Trevor SO much for fixing my macbook. After my brother threw the x-box controller at my macbook i thought i was totally screwed, but not only did he save the totaled screen Trevor also fixed my keyboard. Absolutely amazing thanks guys!”

Chiara's Macbook Before
Chiara's Macbook Before

Chiara's Macbook After
Chiara's Macbook After

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