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17-inch Macbook Pros ship just as fast as the smaller ones…

– Philadelphia, PA –
– Via Acworth, GA –

Peter called us up on Sunday about the cracked screen on his 2.33ghz Macbook Pro. He is a wedding photographer in the Atlanta area, and has his own company called StoryboardLife Photography. He needed his Macbook Pro fixed as soon as physically possible, because he couldn’t stand working on his old Dell laptop anymore. The Macbook Pro had been sitting around, but it was finally time for Peter to get it back in working order.

He did a quick Google search about cracked Mac screens, and found us (of course!). He realized he wasn’t close to any of our branches, so he opted for the “Ship-In Program”. We shipped him a laptop box on Monday, he received it Tuesday with a prepaid label inside. He dropped it off at FedEx, and we had his Macbook Pro on Wednesday. We fixed it in about 2 hours, and shipped it back. He had it fixed and in his hands on Thursday by 10:30am.  Oh, and did we mention that the three-way overnight shipping is FREE?

Peter was so happy, in fact, that he sent us this glowing testimonial:

Thank you for fixing my damaged screen on my Macbook Pro. My Mac is one of the important parts of by business and Apple was going to charge me $800 and keep it for up to 5 days. I was so glad to hear that it only takes 3 days and cheaper. The process and time lines were communicated thoroughly and in three days I had a brand new screen. I don’t know if I should say I look forward to doing business with you again since I don’t want my screen to crack I am certainly going to refer you to my Mac friends. Thanks again.

He also wrote an expansive review of us on his own blog, which can be read here:


Peter's Macbook Pro Before
Peter's Macbook Pro Before

Peter's Macbook Pro After
Peter's Macbook Pro After

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