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“You’re the best computer repair service in San Diego!”

– Tierra Santa –

– San Diego, CA –

Thank you, Michelle. I’m afraid we can disagree with you. Michelle gave us a call after finally deciding to get the crack on her Macbook repaired. After learning of the price Apple was going to charge her, she quickly went to the Internet. She found us after a few searches that included: “San Diego computer repair service,” “Laptop repair San Diego,” “computer screen repair,” and “Macbook screen repair.” We popped up and she was soon on the phone. One of our Repair Team members gave her the run-down and within several hours we were on our way out to Tierra Santa.

Once on site, Michelle explained that the screen cracked when she and her husband were coming back from a rode trip. “The Macbook must’ve been under too many things in the trunk,” she said. The crack was rather minor but she grew tired of looking at it. She was relieved to find a local service that would fix computer screens in San Diego. She was pleasantly surprised that we could do it in the same day. Glad we could help, Michelle. Thanks for the candy!

Michelle's Macbook before
Michelle’s Macbook before
Michelle's Macbook after
Michelle’s Macbook after

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