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After 10 months, maybe it’s time I get my Macbook repaired…

– Starbucks, Chula Vista –

– San Diego, CA –

Blake finally decided it was time to get his Macbook fixed. A long, long time ago his little nephew left a toy truck on his laptop and closed the screen down on it. Before Blake could stop him, the damage had been done – a shattered Macbook screen 🙁 Having lots of documents, music, pictures, and work-related material on his Macbook, Blake knew he would have to get it fixed someday. Before that day would come, however, he decided to give the ole’ external monitor a try. Sure enough he found himself looking at an old screen for what turned out to be around 10 months.

Not wanting to pay a fortune to get it fixed through Apple and not interested in sending it away for a week, Blake took a different route and began searching the Internet for a local computer repair service that could fix it in a jiff. He found us after an Apple repair service search for the San Diego area. He shot us an email, we chatted briefly on the phone, a member drove down to a local Starbucks in Chula Vista, one quick text message to get hooked up, 40 minutes later Blake had himself a brand new looking Macbook. For your all your Macbook and Apple laptop screen repair needs, feel free to give us a call anytime. We look forward to hearing from you.

Blake's Macbook before
Blake’s Macbook before
Blake's Macbook after
Blake’s Macbook after

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