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Can you be here in an hour?

– Mission Valley –

– San Diego, CA –

Yes, we can! Yesterday we got a call from Matthew saying that his son had dropped his Macbook on the ground. Knowing that the cracked screen would cost over $800 to fix through Apple, he needed an alternative. Being the tech-savvy father his is, he went to the Internet to see if there were any local services that would be able to repair Macbook screens. Sure enough, we popped up after a search for San Diego computer repair.

Ecstatic that he found our service, he gave us a call and asked whether we’d be able to meet later that morning. Within the hour we were at his office and sitting down at an empty desk hard at work. 45 minutes later Matthew had a fixed computer screen for his son. Whether you have a cracked screen, broken screen, shattered screen, or bashed-in screen, we can help. Give us a call.

Matthew's Macbook before
Matthew’s Macbook before
Matthew's Macbook after
Matthew’s Macbook after

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