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It’s a long way down…

– Starbucks Rancho Penasquitos –

– San Marcos, CA –

Not too long ago, Shreya made the mistake of falling asleep with her Macbook right next to her. When she woke up in the morning and went to check her email, she found her computer on the floor with a broken screen. She was so annoyed knowing that this mishap was going to cost her a pretty penny. She shared what had happened to her broken laptop with several of her friends. Fortunately, one of them show a sign of ours posted on campus. Soon after she took Shreya to the bulletin board and pointed it out to here. A few minutes later they were on the phone and setting up a time to meet.

Since San Marcos is a bit of a hike from San Diego, we met Shreya at a Starbucks roughly halfway in Rancho Penasquitos. After having a quick look, we were able to get started with repairing her Macbook screen. Within 45 minutes, we were finished. Shreya was delighted by the convenient and fast and affordable repair we offer. Sweet dreams, Shreya. Remember to keep that Macbook on a table instead of your bed.

Oprah's Macbook before
Shreya’s Macbook before
Oprah's Macbook after
Shreya’s Macbook after

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