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The middle of the night can be dangerous for a Mac…

– Coffee Bean, Glendale –

– Los Angeles, CA –

This was the case for Clifton’s Macbook. He awoke one morning to find his Macbook screen broken with no answer as to how it happened. He was not a happy camper. He figured it must have fallen off the bed in the middle of the night and landed hard on the floor.

He was relieved to find our site and our service, especially because we charge so much less than Apple. He picked up the phone, called us and learned that we would be traveling up to the LA area the next day. We decided to meet at the Coffee Bean in Glendale. Once there, our Repair Team Member met with Clifton and observed his damaged computer screen. We were able to repair his Macbook screen in less than 30 minutes and have him on his way. On a side note, although we’re based out of San Diego, we usually travel up to Los Angeles twice a week. Let us know where it is convenient for you to meet and we’ll be there!

Clifton's Macbook before
Clifton’s Macbook before
Clifton's Macbook after
Clifton’s Macbook after

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