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Root Beer Happens…

– San Diego, CA-

– Santee –

No, we know what you’re thinking – the culprit in this case was not spilled root beer. Rather, it was a bottle of root beer. We got a call from Krista last night saying her son had a smashed Macbook screen. The incident occurred days ago when the family left their home in the care of the cleaning lady. Before they left the Macbook was fine, the bottle of root beer was on the shelf and the cleaning lady had just arrived. After they returned the Macbook screen was broken, the bottle of root beer was on the desk and the cleaning lady had just left.

Fortunately, a friend had heard of a service that repairs cracked computer screens. Krista gave us a call and we were able to fix her son’s laptop screen the next day. To all our fellow Macbook users out there, make sure your root beer bottles are level with or below your Macbooks. As we learned here, unfortunately, root beer doesn’t float.

Krista's Macbook before
Krista’s Macbook before
Krista's Macbook after
Krista’s Macbook after

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