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Ohhh, Ceciiilia. You’re breaking…

– Escondido, CA –

– Escondido Kalmia Public Library –

…your computer screen when it falls from the desk. Apologies – that may be the worst reference to a Simon and Garfunkel song in the history of CrackedMacScreen. And apologies to Cecilia for beginning our post like this. Moving on. Cecilia gave us a call last week looking for someone to service her broken Macbook Pro screen. As the intro tried to convey, Cecilia had accidentally knocked her laptop off the side of her desk. Seconds later she opened it up to find a shattered screen.

After several Internet searches, she finally found a company that was local, could repair her computer screen in less than an hour and would charge much less than the Apple Store.  She called shortly after and we arranged a time to meet at the Escondido Kalmia Public Library.  Within forty-five minutes we had Cecila and her newly repaired Macbook Pro screen on their way.

Cecilia's Macbook Pro before
Cecilia’s Macbook Pro before
Cecilia's Macbook Pro after
Cecilia’s Macbook Pro after

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