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Nothing like a new Macbook screen and a bratwurst…

– Los Angeles, CA –

– WurstKuche Restaurant, Downtown LA –

Taylor, from Santa Barbara, got in touch with us a couple of weeks ago. He had seen our Los Angeles ad of on Craigslist and was curious if we’d be able to make it up to Santa Barbara to repair his broken Macbook screen.  After several emails, instead of heading all the way up to Santa Barbara, we were able to arrange a date when his father would be in LA and could meet with us. As luck would have it, we met Taylor’s father at one of the finest Exotic Grilled Sausage restaurants on the West coast – WurstKuche (www.wurstkucherestaurant.com). We repaired Taylor’s Macbook screen in less than thirty minutes and had plenty of time to enjoy a Mango Jalapeno and a Smoked Apple Sage bratwurst. If you’re in LA, in need of a computer screen repair and can’t make up your mind about where would be a good place to meet…we know a great spot!

Taylor's Macbook before
Taylor’s Macbook before
Taylor's Macbook after
Taylor’s Macbook after

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