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If you are interested in a repair and aren’t ready for a repair, we’ll probably text you once a month until you are ready…

– Philadelphia, PA –
– Temple University –

Meridith called us last September and told us about her broken screen on her Macbook. She had called her mother in New York and told her the bad news, but told her that she found us from a flyer on campus so she had a solution. Unfortunately though, she didn’t have the money saved up for the repair. She told us that she would give us a call back later. Since she never told us her name, I wrote down “girl with little girl voice” (you’ll get why later) on a post-it note and posted it on my external monitor.

Every month or so, we would text her and let her know about 3 day “vacation” sales that we were having, and she would reply that she wasn’t ready yet. Miraculously, she texted us yesterday and said that she was finally ready. The funny thing was that we never knew her name, so after probably sending 20 or so texts back and forth to schedule the repair, we had to say “What is your name by the way?”

After meeting her at Kardon apartments on Temple’s campus, we joked about the “little girl voice” thing, and she was laughing that people say that she has a small voice all the time.

30 minutes later, her screen was fixed and she could stop going to the Temple U Tech Center to do work.

Meridith's Macbook before
Meridith's Macbook before

Meridith's Macbook after
Meridith's Macbook after

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