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Eggs over easy, hash browns and… a broken Mac screen :(

– San Diego, CA –

– Mission Beach –

Yes, sometimes for a college student Sunday mornings can be rough. For (we’ll call him) John, a junior at (we’ll call it) San Diego Sunshine State University of California, this particularly Sunday was not one he will look back on fondly. We won’t go into too much detail because he wasn’t able to go into too much detail but all we can say is he woke up in the morning and his screen looked like it does below.

Fortunately, his roommate had seen several of our fliers around campus and was able to point him in the right direction. John gave us a call later that afternoon and we were able to get his screen fix just in time for finals week. Good luck on exams to John and all the other students at SDSSUC!

Perhaps it’s appropriate to mention our warranty policy at this time. If John were to wake up and find his Macbook screen cracked again (knock of wood), we would fix it for just $100. Not a bad deal, eh?

John's Macbook before

John’s Macbook before

John's Macbook after

John’s Macbook after

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