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Even if you’re tiptoeing, a small step on your Macbook may still cause damage…

– Los Angeles, CA via Craigslist –

– UCLA –

Samantha, a freshman at UCLA, is an early riser. She attributes this to the fact that she loves watching the sun come up. Of course, she also mentioned she has an 8AM class to get to three times a week and that class just so happens to be on the only end of campus. Several mornings ago she was trying to quietly get ready for class, paying extra special attention as to not wake up her roommate, when all of a sudden she heard a slight crack from the laptop that was left on the floor the night before. One loud scream and a few choice words later, both were up and looking at the broken screen that had resulted.

Wanting to get her computer fixed soon but not wanting to take it to the Apple store, Samantha turned to Craigslist. A few clicks later, Samantha discovered our site and learned that we have recently started to service the Los Angeles area. Every Friday we travel north from San Diego to make repairs in LA. After a couple of phone calls with Samantha, we were able to arrange a time to meet outside Cafe Synapse in North Campus. 45 minutes later her laptop was good as new.

Samantha's Macbook before

Samantha’s Macbook before

Samantha's Macbook after

Samantha’s Macbook after

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