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Once upon a time, there was an Aztec with a cracked Macbook screen…

– San Diego, CA –
– San Diego State University –

Sarah, a junior at SDSU, called to inquire about our Macbook screen repair service. After speaking with a member of our Repair Team, she said she would like to take a quick look at our website. Within ten minutes of hanging up, Sarah called us right back asking where we could meet. On a cold, rainy, depressing Saturday in late September (Brrrr!!!) , Sarah met with a member of our team inside Love Library. Forty-five minutes later, she walked away with a fixed MacBook.

When asked what had happened to her broken MacBook laptop, Sarah reluctantly admitted she made the mistake of leaving her laptop on her clothing-covered floor. One wrong step after coming home from a bite to eat and…we’ll let you fill in the rest.

Sarah's Macbook before
Sarah’s Macbook before

Sarah's Macbook after
Sarah’s Macbook after

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