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There was an earthquake, Mom. Didn’t you feel it?…

– La Jolla, CA –
– San Diego Mesa College –

John, a resident of La Jolla and student at Mesa College, was doing the right thing. After hours and hours of work on a research paper, he decided he needed a break. Upon getting up from the desk in his apartment he bumped into the shelf just next to where he was sitting. Sure enough, a heavy textbook came crashing down right onto his closed MacBook. When he opened it, he was not happy with what he saw.

Fortunately, he had heard of our service from a close friend. He called the next morning from school and arranged a time to meet later that afternoon with a member of our Repair Team. We met John at his apartment and got his computer fixed in no time.

John's Macbook before
John’s Macbook before

John's Macbook after
John’s Macbook after

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